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Future Proofing Costs, Energy & Lighting
Future Proofing Costs, Energy & Lighting Block managers have their work cut out.Residential lighting is vital to the safety and wellbeing of everyone using any building. The problems associated with meeting these expectations are: cost-savings, efficiency and repairs. These can be an ongoing headache when aiming to provide lighting on...
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Lights Out – A tale of light versus dark
Imagine living with any form of artificial lighting. Think of how black the night sky would have been and how difficult to do anything after sunset. Roads would have been treacherous, not just from potholes, ditches and mud but also sewage, dead animals and those lying in wait for unsuspecting...
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LED warranties: Why pay more?
Where LED lighting is concerned, all warranties are not created equal There are as many different guarantees on the market as there are manufacturers out there. With bold claims being made that these lights will virtually last a lifetime, you could be forgiven for thinking that the warranties they come...
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