Case Study

Broadwalk House

Residents were increasingly unhappy that their communal lighting had become less than luxurious; maintenance costs were exorbitant and the ageing system was no longer fit for purpose
  • Project:
  • Energy efficient lighting scheme
  • Building:
  • Broadwalk House
  • Client:
  • Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward
  • Instructing Client:
  • Broadwalk House Management
Problem areas identified were:

We were delighted to be commissioned to assist with the design and build of a new, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting scheme to replace the existing system at this high specification development.

The main staircases and lobby floors used obsolete switch-start compact fluorescent bulkhead lights with brittle and discoloured fittings, back plates and diffusers. The lights were 15-20 years old and had been constantly repaired. They were also being used as emergency lighting, which had now failed all tests and needed replacing.

All compact 35W fluorescent fittings were upgraded to new 14W LED alternatives with integral occupancy and light level detectors so that lights would only be “on” during dusk hours and when the building was occupied.

Examining footfall patterns determined that these staircases were rarely used, so refitting these areas alone was calculated to save at least 85% in wasted energy. This in turn reduces running costs and eradicates on-going maintenance issues, saving time, inconvenience and hidden charges.

Problem areas identified were:
  • High wattage lighting with associated high running costs
  • Ongoing maintenance costs
  • Failed and insufficient emergency lighting
  • Lights on 24/7
Energy saving
Money Saving
Long lasting
The works were completed in less than four days without disruption to the building, its internal or external decor or any interruption to residents.

The Future Lighting solution

The entrance lobby and concierge areas have now been completely transformed. All alcove lighting has been replaced with new LED strips to ensure a constant light level. One resident commented that this is what the original designer must have visualized when the house was first built, but without the technology they couldn’t achieve the look they were aiming for. Now, thanks to our new system, the whole area can be seen in its best light.>

Future Lighting was also asked to make improvements to the underground car park at Broadwalk House, which was very uninviting due to the large number of failed and poorly maintained light fittings. The area was packed with classic cars that were moved infrequently, making maintenance a real issue for the property managers. All fittings have now been replaced with new LEDs, with integral occupancy sensors which will mean huge energy savings and improved lighting levels. The car park lighting is now virtually maintenance free and all those classic cars that were hidden in dark corners are lit up to their best advantage.

The works were completed in less than four days without disruption to the building, its internal or external decor or any interruption to residents. We also supplied a five- year guarantee and FREE on-going maintenance

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New LED lights pay for themselves with the money saved each year

There has never been a better time to invest in energy efficiency. Businesses are looking to combat rising energy prices, reduce their carbon footprint and maintenance costs. It’s good for the economy and good for the planet. Many businesses are being forced to make these changes through the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. So installing LED lighting is the obvious choice for drastic energy savings and it’s a quick and easy win on CO2 reduction too.

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