Case Study

st ignatus RC primary school

Due to the age and size of the school, a wireless system was the preferred option due to the need to avoid invasive cable routes across high ceilings and curved archways. It was requested that the works were to be completed during the summer holiday period, with a deep clean compulsory before the children returned. These restricted timescales also made wireless the preferred engineered solution.
  • Project:
  • st ignatus RC primary school
  • System Type:
  • Wireless
  • Protocol:
  • Argus Vega
  • Cotrol Equipment:
  • Kentec Syncro AS panel
Project Description

A recent fire risk assessment documented that the buildings required an upgrade to the existing ‘manual’ fire alarm. The recommendation was for a fire detection and alarm system comprising of fire detectors, fire alarm sounders, visual indicators, manual call points and control and indicating equipment, designed to an L1 category.

Reasoning For Wireless Use

St. Ignatius Roman Catholic School was founded at Stamford Hill, London, in 1894. The design of the buildings made hidden cabling very difficult, with almost the whole installation being exposed or in surface mounted containment. The project had to be completed within the six week summer holiday, with the need for a deep clean to be planned-in before the children could use the buildings. Therefore both the aesthetics and the timeframe meant that a wireless system was the only viable option on this project. and wooden wall panelling, along with reported asbestos throughout.

Easy Install
BSN EN Standards
Consideration of the building’s heritage elements was required

Wireless is the Future

Future Fire specialise in wireless fire protection. The installation is just one of our state of the art wireless solutions. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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