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Your HIU delivers hot water and heating to individual apartment blocks

A HIU provides instant heating and hot water to the one or more buildings through a centralised district heating system, allowing all occupants within the property to receive temperature control. This is not only on-demand but environmentally friendly, due to the use of renewable energy sources.

A HIU from Future Heating is supplied with an expert knowledge of meter reading, bills creation and collection of payments from tenants. This allows us or the landlord access to meter data, ideal for a residential property.

Because no gas connection is needed, there is no requirement for a Gas Safety Check within the property, offering further savings for the building owner or landlord.

Future Heating Director says

“Servicing a HIU is vital for prolonged life and the correct opperation of the unit. This will prevent unwanted failures of your heating and keep your hot water running”

HIU servicing


Your HIU should be serviced annually to maintain efficiency, as per the industry recommendation. This can be arranged through a pre-booking service we provide, allowing you to arrange a convenient time for you. A leak or lack of hot water is classed as a repair. In this instance you should urgently contact your leaseholder, managing agent or housing company.

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