WHAT IS A HIU? Heat Interface Unit

A Heat Interface Unit (HIU) is a box that looks similar to a boiler.

It transfers the heat from the community heating network into the central heating system on your home, making heat instantly available where required. You simply set the thermostat and heating programmer as you would a traditional boiler.

Your HIU delivers hot water and heating to individual homes within locales such as an apartment block or a social housing scheme.

Inside the HIU is a heat meter, this measures energy consumption. Heat is measured in kilowatts, shown as kWh on our statement. Your Smart Meter will display how much heat energy used.

A HIU provides instant heating and hot water to the one or more buildings through a centralised district heating system, allowing all occupants within the property to receive temperature control. This is not only on-demand but environmentally friendly, due to the use of renewable energy sources.

A HIU from Future Heating is supplied with an expert knowledge of meter reading, bills creation and collection of payments from tenants. This allows us or the landlord access to meter data, ideal for a residential property.

Because no gas connection is needed, there is no requirement for a Gas Safety Check within the property, offering further savings for the building owner or landlord. This also benefits the occupier, as there is no danger of a combustion or a gas leak. We also include the security sealing of the HIU controls to prevent tampering with the HIU.

Servicing a HIU is vital for prolonged life and the correct opperation of the unit. This will prevent unwanted failures of your heating and keep your hot water running.


Your HIU should be serviced annually to maintain efficiency, as per the industry recommendation. This can be arranged through a pre-booking service we provide, allowing you to arrange a convenient time for you.

A leak or lack of hot water is classed as a repair. In this instance you should urgently contact your leaseholder, managing agent or housing company.

HIU Maintenance

Now is the time to get your HIU serviced. This will ensure all potential issues are dealt with up front so there are no surprises when heat is needed the most. We are experts in maintaining and the workings of a HIU, so we know how best to service the HIU. ‘Planned Preventative Maintenance’ is recommended to all residents in order to avoid costly problems

Service Pricing

How much does a service cost?
We offer tiered pricing, depending on how many residents across your scheme want to book in a service.
If you’re the only person to book a service, we calculate a single visit would cost at least £90. This price will reduce massively to just £70 per household if eight or more fellow residents book a service.

Why do i need my HIU serviced regularly?

Confirming a regular service will ensure any problems are identified early on so your HIU performs at its best for longer. This is also recommended by the manufacturers of the expansion vessels.

What’s an expansion vessel?

An expansion vessel is a small tank, used to protect closed water and domestic hot water systems from excessive pressure.

Why might my HIU not be working like it should?

If you live in a hard water area, the quality of the water means its harder for your HIU to perform its best. An annual service will help identify any damage the hard water is causing.