The Magnetic Door Holder

This simple door holder will save lives.

Working in partnership with Hyfire, our mission is to eradicate wedged or propped open fire doors by installing wireless door holders.

he Hyfire magnetic door holder is fully wireless and battery powered capability means it requires no wiring or power supply, making installation quick, easy and cost effective. They can be easily integrated and linked into any wired or wireless system or even used as a standalone system.

When cabling may not be the preferred option, wireless technology at the industry standard 868–870 MHz frequency, allows for rapid and reliable installations. Third party approved and compliant to BS EN 1155 and BS EN 7273-4 (category A), wireless bi-directional communicating door holders are an engineered solution to the holding open of fire doors legally.

The Hyfire range of wireless devices are third party approved and utilise the latest cutting-edge technologies and features. The well proven adaptive radio signal processing algorithms combined with the latest in magnet technology ensure the highest levels of life safety and system reliability.

How it Works
  • Fire alarm activates and communicates to the translator
  • Translator activates and radio communicates to the door holder
  • Door holder de-energizes the electro magnet, door closes


Wedged or propped open fire doors are a common problem. Fire doors can be heavy, restricting access through buildings and preventing the free flow of air, which is often why people prop them open in the first place.

Ensuring compliance with fire regulations, fire door holders hold fire doors open safely and will automatically allow the door to close in the event of a fire alarm activation, thus preventing the spread of toxic smoke, fumes and fire.

One type of fire door holder is a wall mounted electro-magnet that can hold a metal keeper plate fitted to the back of the fire door to hold it open. Once an alarm activates, the electro-magnet de-energises and the fire door automatically releases and allows the door to close.


  • Battery powered
  • No wiring
  • Rapid installation
  • Non-intrusive and rapid installation
  • Minimum site disturbance during installation
  • No ‘on show’ wiring when retro fitting to existing systems
  • Cost effective
  • Third party approval
  • Compliant to BS EN 1155 & BS EN 7273-4 standards
  • Standard industry operating frequency range of 868 – 870 MHz
  • Visually attractive