Mount Kilimanjaro

Nine days, a 6,000-meter climb, five climatic zones and the physiological changes that the body experiences above 2,500 meters. That’s what is facing Jamie, as he climbs Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Teens Unite.

Teens Unite were on Loughton High Street, as part of our awareness-raising campaign, and Jamie stopped to talk to one of our volunteers. Knowing a little of what we did and knowing that we were local to him and his team, we were very fortunate that Jamie decided to do the climb for us. Now, knowing more about our work, and feeling a real affinity for what we do, Jamie has roped in the whole team at Future Group


Running, climbing hosting, or biking, Future Group likes to do what they can to help support local charities. We will continue to support Teens Unite through the coming year. So if you have any ideas or challenges the Group can get on board with them. Do let us know.

London to Brighton Bike Ride

Jamie and Jordan saddle up.

Another charity challenge, which was a great (if tiring) event was the London to Brighton bike ride for the excellent charity Bike4Cancer. After 54 miles our legs were on fire (nearly had to call Future Fire…) but in the end, it was absolutely worth it.

If you like what Teens Unite are doing (why wouldn’t you?) then please head over to their website to find out more, and how you too could help them.
Visit Teens Unite