Abbey Mills

Despite the very high standard of the apartments at Abbey Mills, flat owners and their property managers Gateway were increasingly unhappy with their outdated communal lighting.

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Maintenance costs were exorbitant and a quote for thousands of pounds had been received for the urgent emergency lighting repairs that were required to meet the building regulations. Future Lighting was delighted to be commissioned to assist with the design and build of a new, energy efficient lighting scheme that would keep maintenance costs low while complementing the existing design of the building.

– Jamie Willsdon / Group Director

Problem areas identified were:
  • High wattage lighting with associated high running costs
  • No means of control
  • Lights “ON” in bright naturally lit areas
  • Failed Emergency Lighting
  • Ongoing lighting failures
  • Mix of lamp types and poor colour matching
  • Vast heat created from the existing fittings
Challenges included:
  • Utilisation of the existing wiring to prevent major cosmetic damage.
  • Designing a lighting scheme that would complement rather than detract from the original design of the building.
  • Avoiding disruption to residents and their visitors
  • Energy efficient lighting scheme that would keep maintenance costs low while complementing the existing design of the building.

The Future Lighting solution

Apartment lobbies & Staircases
  • Providing a simple fitting replacement roll-out utilising the existing wiring. Incorporating occupancy detectors that constantly monitors Light Levels and occupancy.
  • As the residents were custom to lights being “ON” 24/7 we made the decision to build our fittings with a dimmable facility so during unoccupied periods the lights dropped to 10% (1.4watts) output and providing an ambient level of light.
  • New emergency packs were also combined within the necessary fittings so providing full compliant emergency cover
Car Park & Plant & Refuse Rooms
  • Removal all all existing 140watt fittings
  • Direct replacement with 28W LED fittings complete with integral occupancy detectors and emergency facility
  • Removal of all existing outdated control methods
External Estate Lighting
  • All building feature façade lights were replaced with LED alternatives
  • All bollard lighting lamps were replaced with LED alternatives
  • All controls were tested, serviced and re-commissioned

Internal lighting throughout the entire estate comprising three blocks and a 200+ space car park as well as all external lighting was retrofitted in less than 14days without disruption to the building, its internal or external decor or any interruption to residents.

New LED lights pay for themselves with the money saved each year

The savings made at Abbey Mills are hefty. The lighting upgrade totalled £72,000 and will reduce energy costs from £20,495 to £645 per annum. The ongoing maintenance cost of £7000 has been eradicated and the system is now covered by Future Lighting’s five-year Full P&L Warranty. Both Gateway Property Management and Abbey Mills residents were delighted to discover that their return on investment (ROI) will only be 32 months

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