Abbotswood Apartments

Installation of a full “Passive” infrastructure allowing residents to move over to EV simply without any pain points Partnering with Easee Charging & Mina Billing portal, Future Group provided the most technically advanced solution available for the residential block sector.

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Residents are issued with a personal RFID card providing secure access and personal billing solutions.
Secure Charging
  • Easy Install
  • Long Lasting
  • Efficient

The Future Fuel Solution

Easy to scale

Utlising an Easee-Ready docking station system, our client now has a completely EV ready charging point at low cost.

By pre-installing the infrastructure within the building, and additional charger can be deployed upon demand with the innovative “Plug & Play” technology.. Simply ‘Click’ it in the pre-installed body now installed in the residents bay.

The Charging Robot acts as an intelligent junction box and supports the expansion of multiple charging stations on the same cable.


The system was installed and commissioned over a nine-day period making the entire car park ‘Futureproofed’ and EV ready.. Speak to one of our team today and find out how simple your transition to EV could be.

Load Balancing Units
Max Charge
Smaller than other chargers