Quay 430

Client: Kinleigh, Folkard & Hayward

London E1W
History of Quay 430
Quay 430 was built on the site of Western Dock which was the largest of the London docks complex and was opened in 1805 after three years of construction. The docks were closed in 1968 and fell into disrepair until the local council drew up a development plan in 1976 when the London Dockland Development Corporation (LDDC) was formed and the renaissance of the whole area commenced. Wapping itself is steeped in history and a walk along Wapping High Street reveals many clues to its historical past with some very pleasant river-side pubs interspersed among the numerous warehouse conversions.
Quay 430 today
Construction of Quay 430 began in 1989 and was completed four years later. It covers nearly all of the original 16-acre site of the Western Dock and its surrounding warehouses. Quay 430 is a large residential development in the Wapping area with 306 apartments, all of which have parking spaces and many of which have garages.

Future Lighting was requested to undertake a survey of the existing internal lighting solution at the Quay 430 development to identify the area where lighting can be improved to assist with efficiency and emergency backup compliance whilst investigating options to reduce ongoing maintenance costs and improve the overall feel of the internal areas.

We understand that the brief is broad, and that the main considerations and aims will be to improve the current emergency coverage to all internal and final exit area, and to enhance whilst enhancing the overall experience for the residents and visitors

Upon visiting the site, the general observations are that the entire site lacked emergency coverage and suffered from a lack of efficient control measures;  some mismatching colour temperatures and visual comfort issues due to the layout and products currently used. There are also some reported early failures of units.

The Future Lighting Solution

  • We removed all existing compact fluorescent and halogen fittings throughout the development.  Replacing all with a mix of surface and recessed LED fittings.   These fittings were also intelligently controlled using an array of occupancy and light level detection and switching methods.
  • We also designed and confirmed compliance for emergency new lighting coverage integrating this into the new systems.
  • Overall the system has enhanced the blocks, drastically reduced energy costs and confirm compliance..
  • This new system is also fully warrantied for the next five years covering any failures, meaning a zero-spend for the next 5-years.

Number of Fittings


Previous Usage (kWh’s)


New Usage (kWh’s)



68 months


5-Years Parts & Labour



This was a super project to be involved with and I was lucky enough to be involved from day 1..    The outcome and benefits of this project speak for themselves. 

A great collaboration between KFH, Quay 430 & Future Group

Jamie Willsdon
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